In This Moment

“Lucky to be alive,” can oft’ be heard

in the whispers surrounding one whom

trauma or disease, accident or disaster

has befallen. Upon surviving

such misfortune or malaise, it is

spoken with conviction.

”Lucky to be alive!” they say.

Such circumstances

give cause for

reflection and gratitude,

or perhaps

a fleeting understanding

of the delicate strand

by which all

dangles precariously.

“Lucky to be alive!”

is proclaimed loudly

to survivor, and hero…


Yet isn’t it so, for one and all,

from mountains majestic,

to a grain on the shore,

each breath and thought,

through battles fought,

each win or loss,

and through remorse,

is “lucky.”

Each sunrise, a second chance…


Let us be thankful,

as sweet breath gives us life.

Let us be thankful

through challenge and strife.

Let us be thankful

during tasks mundane,

when the sun is shining,

as when God sends the rain.

Let us whisper from within

with certainty and grace,

“lucky to be alive,”

in this moment, in this space.


5 thoughts on “In This Moment

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    Beautifully written and fitting for this day of gratitude. Thank you for bringing how lucky we all are to the surface of today. I enjoyed this so much!!! Great work!!

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  2. You are the only person I know, who is truly grateful for being grateful! You are a harmonious ball of sunshine – even through times of being “scorned”. I don’t know how you do it but it is amazing and wonderful! Even in the face of potential despair, you will find that micro remnant of gratitude, make it expand, and shine it on to others which is portrayed so beautifully in this entry.


  3. beautiful, just beautiful!

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