Time Ceases When You’re Rocking Out in Paradise

Or does it? Maybe it’s the rum? Or the golden sun relentlessly pouring itself out over my pale skin. Perhaps nobody cares to be bound by the intrusive restraints of a schedule when in paradise. In any case, it’s wonderful to be without a watch imprisoning my wrist, nor a care in the world, for a brief span anyway.

The salted blue-green warmth lapping at my tired figure seems to wash it all away. The stress of the daily grind fades, time slows for a space, and I sit gracefully, um, ok, maybe not gracefully, but certainly gratefully, soaking in this Caribbean gift.

My fairy Godmother, aka, my Dad, took me to sunny Jamaica for the week, to bask by the sea and listen to one of our favorite bands, live, nightly, and on the Caribbean shore, no less…The incredibly talented, soulful, rock n’roll genius that is Gov’t Mule, and amazing friends, led by legendary guitarist and singer/songwriter, Warren Haynes, who some of you may know from the Allman Brothers Band. Mind-blowing! As if this wasn’t enough, Anders Osbourne’s band made appearances throughout, as well as the talented trio, London Souls. I have always bonded with my father over music. My Dad rocks! Literally.

Guilt. I’ve actually left it behind. I was overwhelmed by anxiety about leaving my children, right down to the pit of my stomach, for the entire week prior to leaving. But I magically recuperated from this malady upon stepping onto white sand, while sipping, ok, gulping down, my first frozen delight, aptly named, the “Bob Marley.” A Tri-colored frozen serving of rum-soaked goodness, in a plastic cup. So delightful.

Ya mon, no problems at all, in Jamaica.






9 thoughts on “Time Ceases When You’re Rocking Out in Paradise

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    Oh, my heart skipped a Jamaican beat while reading this!! Its cold and windy here and the skies are clouded grey with threatening snow at any moment. The morning routine of breakfast, grooming, dressing and out to the bus stop is beginning to get to me. How many more years of this?
    Have some drinks for me and a delicious dinner too!! Oh and we need pics!! I want to stare at the photo with my feet on the baseboard heat and pretend I’m sitting in the beach chair next to you!! Sigh!! Have fun, enough for all of us!!! xoxoxoxxoxox 🙂

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  2. Oh mon. Oh, oh, mon.
    I am ready to pack my bags and leave tomorrow. Especially if it promises to be stress and worry-free. Consider me there. Where do you want to meet? Lol.
    Thanks for allowing me to synchronize the view, taste of the rum in the paper cups, and the band with you and daddy.
    Yeah mon, it was good…

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  3. Sounds delightful. Enjoy the warmth. (Says shivering under the bed covers.)


  4. Living vicariously! Sounds absolutely perfect.

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  5. mihrank says:

    WOW – Music is my heart – this is one of my favorites post – I am speechless – Bravo!

    Kindly support me on Facebook Fan page. Appreciate if you could please ‘like’ my page :


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  6. Crystal Giardina says:

    Good for you. Your the best mother and even though it felt terrible to leave them. You needed it. You do so much for them and everyone around you when is it Vicki time. Never so I’m glad you did it. 😘

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