Sleds and Dogs, But Not Sled Dogs

So, what does one do when they are snowed in, for 3 days, with 2 kids and 3 dogs? I am kidding, I mean 2 dogs and Fex (future ex husband) who has been likened to a dog, by some mutual friends, on several occasions. Truthfully speaking, FEX could never be as loyal and reliable as a dogΒ anyway. OMgoodness, I just did it again. Perhaps it’s is the freezing cold that I was exposed to while sledding today. Or, rather, I am just in the mood to be cheeky (and honest).

The answer is – go sledding with a bunch of friends, and a gaggle of kids, of course! It’s that, or I could always sit home, drink wine, and let my children eat me out of house and home, in an attempt to pacify our cabin-fever, and the boredom which has begun to set in – the result of sitting in the house for 3 days, while Mother Nature has her way with us.

As a devout lover of summer, and all activities water-related, I have often wondered how it is that I have lived in New York for my entire life. While we do have the most beautiful weather in Spring and Fall, which are both moderate in temperature, and a delight to behold, for the senses, with them comes the complete extremes of the spectrum – brutally hot summers and bone-chilling winters.

The fact is, that I love New York! Just like the tourism commercials, theme song and slogan says. I really do love it, wholeheartedly. Many who have never visited this beautiful state do not realize that New York City is only a small portion of the offerings here. I actually live on Long Island, just east of the city, which is just that, a very long island of suburbs, boasting countless, stunning beaches spanning its length, and no more than a half an hour drive, north or south, from almost any given point. As if this isn’t enough, there is the mainland of NY, which stretches up to Canada, and is comprised of spectacualr mountains, with farmland and forest, mostly unsullied by man.

While I do love it here, I must say that the cold winters are really knawing at me, whispering in my ear, louder and louder, as each year passes, and another bout of cold passes through my beloved state. Today, standing on top of that snowy hill, with frozen nose and toes, delighting in the fun of the children sledding, I leaned in closely to decipher the whisper, and I distinctly heard it say, “Go back to the Caribbean Victoria. That is where you belong!” Who am I to argue with the wisdom of the winter winds?

Enjoying some balcony time in sunny Jamaica, January 2015

20 thoughts on “Sleds and Dogs, But Not Sled Dogs

  1. Maria says:

    So true!! I heard the same whispers. They also told me next time Victoria goes to the Caribbean, Maria sneak in her luggage. Lmao πŸ˜‚

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  2. Tish says:

    You are a natural. I am already enjoying your blog!

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  3. mamalisa4 says:

    Oh dam those winter winds, if they were really going to do us a favor they would swoosh us away, until our feet landed on white sand and miraculously pedicured. Although, I do enjoy the change. I find just when I am fed up of one season, it begins to morph into another. I love this, just as I look forward to each time you post! Love the photos on each end of the spectrum!! Happy Snow Day!!

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  4. Just saying says:

    I ll take the Caribbean πŸ™‚

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  5. Crystal Giardina says:

    This is amazing. And FEX im dying over here. Great reading. And why is FEX the dog still in the house. Shouldn’t he be euthanized. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ lmao

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  6. Anxious Mom says:

    Drinking wine while sledding works, too. πŸ˜‰

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  7. Very nice article. I love New York in the snow, at least in the ninety or so seconds before it turns black (or brighter colors, which are far far worse).

    My step-dog is a husky mix, and I’ll tell you that sled dogs (even part sled-dogs) are risky propositions. They love to pull. They need to be in front. And when they smell even a hint of snow, they get tremendously excited, as though the sap of spring is rising in their blood. I say “they,” when really I mean “she.” The pulling happens regardless of harness or collar. It’s not malicious–it’s more like the way Queensland heeler want to bite your feet to make you move faster, or border collies chase all the kids into a tight bunch. We work with her and do our best, but the pulling instinct is bone-deep.

    I guess Dog blood is thicker than training. On the plus side, she did inherit one gorgeous blue eye. I do wish they still made those two-wheeled dog carts. We’d probably be invited to be in local parades.

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    • vickiewhat says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read. I really lol’d at the colored snow reference.
      I have a blue-eyed doggy, with hunting and herding instincts. He is a strong-willed, Catahoula Leopard Dog. Not common in NY. He was a challenge to train, but his love, loyalty and intelligence has made it all worthwhile.
      I appreciate your comment and look forward to checking out your work. Thank you.

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  8. Great story, thanks for sharing!

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  9. As usual, you have outdone yourself! I LOVE your Blog, and will continue to read it, as it keeps me close to you, and I’m never close enough. I am always so very proud of you and anything that you have done and accomplished in your life. You do indeed, take lemons, and make lemonade, and then you graciously share that lemonade with all your family and friends. Love you lots!!!


    • vickiewhat says:

      As always, your love and support means the world to me. You have always been there to cheer me on and pick me up, and guide me in the ways of lemonade-making.
      Thanks so much. You are the best. I love you lots back. xo


  10. Jill Pinner says:

    Did I do this right

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