P A T I E N C E 

As life tics on,

Sand grains falling,

Hours stalling,

I think of you.


I muddle on,

Through tasks mundane,

In joy and pain,

I think of you.


Light spreads Glory

At dawn’s rise,

It’s no surprise,

I think of you.


Nighttime falls,

My heart does long

To sing its song,

I think of you.


Patience waning

The days I count

I will surmount

I think of you.


I long for when

The time has come

My life begun

I am with you.



time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

photo cedit http://islamichub.net/islamich/uploads/2014/11/97816060885241.jpg


cover photo credit: https://shahqah.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/patience3e.jpg


3 thoughts on “P A T I E N C E 

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    you write to beautifully & I LOVE your poetry. You def convey the longing and necessary patience ❤ I love this! So very sweet and def showcasing yet another facet of your personality. Great Job! xo

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  2. […] P A T I E N C E . […]

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