What The FEX?

Let’s just get it out in the open. Maya Angelou was right all along. (Yes Jill, my most vocal friend, you were right too!) And I was terribly, dreadfully wrong. That’s the bad news. The good news is…I have evicted FEX from my basement! (Wild applause, cheers and a cartwheel-finish into a split!) Yep! I made a huge mistake, and then I rectified it! (More wild applause)

A lot has transpired in the last few months. Without exposing the disparaging details, I will say that FEX had managed to successfully break every verbal agreement we had made regarding our co-parenting (only) living arrangement. As FEX is fond of saying, “Things change man,” in his careless, dude-like manner. And change they did.

Drumroll please! And the great epiphone! I woke up and realized that being a good Mom does NOT mean I have to sacrifice my personal space nor my peace-of-mind. Having their Dad in my house was draining my happiness. It was like a black hole with a thousand Dyson vacuums inside of it, easily sucking up my joy, like dog hair on a hardwood floor. And that my friends is never the best way to be a good Mom.

I fell into the trap of believing that I should keep their father around at all costs. Mainly and specifically, the cost of my sanity. My children will still see thier father. If I have my wish, he will always remain in their lives. However, I will no longer be dragged around by his agenda. This realization and emacipation feels amazing. I could scream from the rooftops, “I deserve to be happy too!” And I am just that. Happy.

I will promptly resume all joyful activities, including but certainly not limited to getting back to you all, my wordpress family. Thanks for the support. I have missed this place. The possibilities are winking at me. Things are looking up. I think Maya would be proud.

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Forgiveness, so pure,
Untouched, unsoiled
Unsullied, she soars.
Forgiveness symbiotically
Residing in Peace,
A seed within,
Beckoning our reach.
Her song beguiles,
Unheard, she cries
Patient, unmoving
Through her grace,
May we rise.
Unyielding in purity,
Woven in truth,
Forgiveness, a gift,
Serenity the proof.
To the beholder
And those who bask in her light,
Reaching for forgiveness,
Through suffrage and slight.
Within my grasp,
Never obtrusive,
Unencumbered by ego,
Forgiveness takes not
Offense, nor slight,
She, never a slave
to the notion of “right”
Clinging tightly,
Fingers strained,
Holding her dearly,
I release the pain.

Photo credit: https//calmclarityproject.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/forgivenessisfreedom.jpg: